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It is our desire to build strong community. Not just here at The Light, but amongst those who are apart of the Body of Christ. We know that one of the many challenges facing the church is providing individuals spaces in which they can connect and glean from others with similar experiences. Our LightGroups offer the opportunity for personal development to happen in group settings. Lets grow together and build better lives.




Join Lady Kristan for her monthly gathering of conversation, community and cultivation.This is a Women’s only group that meets every 3rd Wednesday

at 6:30PM.



Women need a safe space to Thrive! Join women of all ages each week to discuss Godly principles  and key scriptures over a cup of tea (or coffee). 


Are you a young adult who feels like you aren’t where you need to be in life? This session helps partners create a plan to move into destiny! You can’t have a destiny without a destination. Proven methods will be taught each week, along with discussion sessions to get you where you should be!


Dinner for Six encourages groups of 6 people (couples or singles) to enjoy dinner together. Spend the evening finding the things you have in common with the partners that you just met. Participants meet weekly at the restaurant they choose collectively. This session runs for 4 weeks.


Men, welcome to a safe space where men discuss the Word of God and aspire to be better men of God. This is a 4-week session that centers around pleasing God and winning in life. Partners will meet at a designated location each week.


Grab your squad and join partners at the track at East Kentwood High School and walk it out together! Groups determine how often and the best time for the group to meet weekly. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable for getting to your summer sizes! This session runs for 4 weeks.

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