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A life changing day took place in the summer of 2003, as a small group of people gather in a unplanned manner, to ponder over where God was leading them for that particular juncture in their spiritual journey. Some stayed, others dropped out and shortly there after a few more joined the group which over time evolved into 24 individuals. These individuals became the foundation of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church and the group was later named “Little Rock 24” by our pastor. One thing was certain for this group- God had provided a “Joshua” for this journey in Bishop Marvin L. Sapp. Through much prayer, awesome teaching, sound spiritual instruction and yes, many tears, we all started on that spiritual journey with “One Voice and One Vision”.

None of the members fully understood at that point the scope of the vision and passion for ministry and community outreach which had been placed in Pastor Sapp’s heart as he assumed the role as our spiritual leader.

The first service in 2003 on October 19 was held at Praise Place Multi Purpose Ministry Center. This service was standing room only as Bishop Marvin L. Sapp delivered his first sermon as the newly installed and consecrated Pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church.

A strategic five year plan was unveiled by Pastor Marvin predicting that the ministry would worship at the Praise Place facilities for at least a year or 100 members whichever came first. Needless to say, the initial group of 24 quickly multiplied and with a growing children’s ministry that took a very comprehensive look at the bible, the ministry, Bishop Marvin was quickly forced to consider other options as space had already become a problem.

Within the first 30 days the ministry was offered an opportunity to take over a local church. After much prayer and deliberation the initial membership decided this would be in the best interest of the ministry. Led by Bishop Marvin, the group strategically made efforts to secure and restore the new Lighthouse Full Life Center Church facility.

Two Service Times in 2004 accommodated the growing membership at the new Lighthouse Full Life Center Madison facility. More than 800 members attended services on Sundays and the growing children’s ministry included, Faith Central for college and young adults; Youth In Action, ages 15-17; MVP, ages 12-14; All Stars, boys age 8-11; Princesses girls ages 8-11; Children of the Light, ages 4-7 and Noah’s Ark for our infants up to age three.

Lighthouse: Battle Creek in 2006
Celebrated with an open house. High praise unto the Lord, as this will also go down in history to celebrate our second location and as the first day Bishop Marvin L. Sapp open the doors of the Lighthouse Battle Creek church for membership under Pastor Eric Tolbert.

Lighthouse: Kingdom Square in 2008 is the realization of Pastor Marvin’s goal for One Voice, One Vision. Kingdom Square, a nearly 17 acre campus, is home to more than 1,500 active members. Lighthouse focus on a Five Fold Ministry of excellence using the Full Life Approach. The Full Life Approach is designed to focus on the whole man, considering their physical and mental health, financial and educational needs and spiritual growth and development. Kingdom Square also houses Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts and Technology, Kingdom Sports Alliance, Selah Records and Books, Relativity, King’s Court, and Rhema Bible Institute. The Campus of Kingdom Square expands the capacity for Bishop Marvin and MaLinda Sapp to offer members one Morning Glory worship service and a multitude of church sponsored events at one location.

We continually see the favor of God and labor of our Pastors, Marvin and MaLinda Sapp, grow a community of believers from 24 people worshipping in a restaurant/church known as Praise Place to now hundreds at a new place called Kingdom Square. And we can see, prophetically, how our “praise” has brought us to the “kingdom”.

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