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Here at The Light, we value community and strong bonds of unity. It is essential to remember that we are all members of the body, and that each of us matter and play an important role. It is not Gods will that any be lost, but that all repent and come to know him. Today, let's strive to make intentional efforts to staying connected with one another.


Are you ready to get baptized and go public with your relationship with Jesus? Baptism is an opportunity to make a public declaration that you follow Christ. If you want to take this major step in your faith journey, we invite you to sign up below. 


We are a ministry made up of awesome volunteers who help to bring the vision and mission of The Light to life. If you're interested in helping us fulfill our mission through your serve, please register below. 



Register to promote your business, organization or idea December 18th immediately following worship. 


                             Cost: $20

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